Distressed Hybrid rotary (RCA+Clipcord)


Well balanced 3.88 Ounce Weight (110 gramms)

RCA and Clipcord

High-strength aluminum aircraft alloy frame ( made on CNC machine)

Coreless DC motor 8,5 watts with pre-installed ball bearings

Guillotine-lock that easily tightens on nearly any tube

4-5 mm stroke (adjustable)

The standard setting of this machine is designed for making lines with medium to large groups of needles ( 7-18 RL or RS) and color packing (5-25 grouping) with pre-made classic needles. At your request i can reconfigure this to work with cartridges (need to install a very soft spring)

With the help of the adjusting screw you can only change the impact power and at the same time change the needle stroke within 4-5 mm. so let me know in advance what types of works you want to apply this for.





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The photo shows the last 1 machine, the next version will not be soon
The price is for 1 unit of goods